Dale Hornsbuckle

"If I wasn't me doing this, it probably wouldn't work. probably."


Name: Dale Hornsbuckle
Age: 30
Race: Halfling
Class: Swashbuckler

Backstory: Dale Hornsbuckle, Self-professed silver tongued sword for hire. It’s hard to tell where the Real Dale, and the Tale of the Hornsbuckler really separate. It’s unlikely that Hornsbuckle is his real name to begin with, but it’s the name he is known for. The current story of his life is that he was brought up by Gnomes in Zilargo and was trained in espionage by the Trust. However given the unlikelyhood of a member of the trust revealing his identity, this may be a lie. Somewhere along the line, there is no mistaking that he was trained in the art of swordplay and a set of skills that regardless of the web of tales and fictions that surrounded him, could not be denied.

Dale has no real relationships to speak of, and is certainly Responsible for ending a few marriages.

Knows: Reina. He met the woman after he had recently arrived in Sharn at the docks. Catching her in the act of doing something she shouldn’t he quickly volunteered to assist for three reasons, to admire her work, to start drumming some business, and to hopefully have another pair of arms wrapped round him on that chilly night. He found her to be somewhat Frigid on all counts, and “Accidentally” stomped up on Deck to face the crewmen watching the boat. Reina fled while Dale caused more and more commotion, incensed at his lack of Tact. By the evenings end, he had some of the cargo fenced, TWO pairs of extra arms wrapped round him on that chilly night, and a Degree of satisfaction that Dale Hornsbuckle was now known in Sharn.
He felt a little guilty about Reina, though that was gone by the first mug of wine, and barely remembered her name by the sixth.

Traits +/Flaws -:
+ Dishonest: Dale can be very Persuasive, but he can also be somewhat hard to believe, even when he’s being sincere.
+ Quick: Dale is not one for hanging around, outrunning the watch is something he wants to be good at.

Short term: Good wine, and good music. A good woman every now and again.
Mid term: Dale Hornsbuckle is well known, as a crafty and keen swordsman, a cunning Thief, or a silver tongued seducer of women. Achieving one would be good, all three would be perfect.
Long term: To be renowned across khorvaire, have songs sung of his tales, then maybe retire…nah.

- Don’t kill, unless absolutely no other solution presents itself. Hard to have stories if no one is alive to tell them.
- Balance Notoriety with efficiency. Hard to get work if people don’t think you can be subtle.
- Take what you can, give nothing back.

Reina- Fair Maiden with the gorgeous Ti Tatt’s, were it not that you were with that Slip of a Lad I would take you to the Moon and Stars.

Lius- The competition, you sir, are my nemesis! on the other hand you seem quite amenable, perhaps with enough drink plyed I may learn some of his juicy escapades with his Femme Fatale.

Ina- If she had a bath or thirteen I might do her, maybe, if it is a her, it’s hard to tell under all the grime.

Dale Hornsbuckle

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