Shade the Fixer

I have a job for you...


Fixer is a fairly unremarkable middle aged human he has brown hair, brown eyes and is utterly unremarkable in almost every way.

He calls himself a fixer, but his Name was revealed to be Shade, if that is his true name or a pseudonym is unknown. His main business is taking jobs (usually illicit) from clients and then finding the right people to carry them out.

He approached Reina, Lius and Dale on the street in Hareth’s folly to offer them a job, and approached Ina after she stole an apple from a stall. His favoured rendezvous point appears to be the Wooden Pegasus inn.

After investigating the sabotage of the Edge of the Sky restaurant the group eventually tracked hum down to apartment 3-17 in the Old Keep district where the watch took him into custody.


Shade the Fixer

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