Jorn Torrentall

Former Captain of the Sundered Wave


A bald headed Dwarf with a fine, bronze-coloured beard, platted with silver Rings. He wears a long coat and padded armour.


Name: Jorn Torrentall
Age: 122
Race: Dwarf
Class: Swashbuckler

Captain Jorn Torrentall, Better known upon the seas as Bronze Beard, has only ever been at Sea. He plundered from merchants and spent his stolen goods to improve the lot of his crew and those less fortunate. It was a good but dangerous life, and then inevitably someone wanted more than they got.
Brent Leisner, A Human who manned the crows nest on there ship, the sundered wave, managed to cause Mutiny among his crew. Promising more wealth than Jorn was willing to Provide, Brent turned the crew against there captain.

Traits +/Flaws -:
+ Abrasive: Jorn is a savvy bargainer, but his accent and nature can put people on edge.

Short term: Build up a Clientèle of buyers and Sellers for starting his smuggling business.
Mid term: Once the business is set up, call in favours to edge out the Daask involvement.
Long term: Destroy the Sundered Wave and keep the new Solo business booming.

- Don’t be stupid, be smart, everyone will expect you to be the former.
- Don’t take chances, but help where you can
- Be the Captain you are.

Mia- A good Lass in a Pinch, although definitely not gonna be one of the mouths of my enterprise. still she’s good at finding good routes through the city, and does what she’s tol’ and I can’t fault her for that.

Edrik- He’s definitely some sort of toff, cultured and that. he’ll be valuable speaking to those who my brand of “politeness” doesn’t go down well. And an illusionist teh boot? he’ll be a good addition to my business.

Ina- She’s streetwise, and to get started thats what I need, she knows old fallen well, and knows the best places to set up shop.

Jorn Torrentall

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