Lius d'Lyrandar



A short, somewhat effeminate half-elf who spends more time than is healthy on his hair.


Lius was a quiet child; though he had plenty of friends, he preferred to read stories, and so grew up with tales of adventure and heroism. His childhood stories have given him an idealistic view of others; he is naive, quick to trust and easily lead. Something of a daydreamer, Lius has not ever pursued what his father would consider ‘realistic ambitions.’ Tales of myth and magic always fascinated him the most, and so he threw himself into studying the arcane.

Lius’s relationship with the majority of his family is strained at best; his elder brother seems to actually despise him, while his father and eldest brother see him as the black sheep and look at him with disappointment. Lius’s mother, however, is supportive of her young son and believes he will find his calling in his own time. Thanks to an elaborate lie, Lius’s family believe he is in an intimate relationship with Reina.

Traits +/Flaws -:
+ Absent Minded
+ Polite
- Vulnerable

New Goals:
Short term: Rebuild reputation after incident. Move out of horrible docks.
Mid term: Find more stable work. Maybe visit Stormhome.
Long term: Still conquer fear, get Reina a good home, rebuild relationships with family (even Iavar), get airship, travel, compete in the race!

- Keep Reina safe.
- Never accept a job dealing in death.
- Protect family; no illegal jobs or activities can be traced back to Lyrandar.


“I wonder how much I’d need to buy a ship…”

Lius d'Lyrandar

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