Reina Moonblossom

I like jewellery, alcohol, stealing and my friends. I dislike more or less everything else.


Reina was born in Seawell to a family of modest means. Her birth was difficult, and her mother, Elisa, was left partially disabled. Her father, Gregor, was a fisherman, who spent most of his time away from home.

After an incident shortly after her fourteenth birthday, Reina fled her home and wandered the countryside east of Seawell, using the skills she had perfected as a child to hunt for food and find shelter. Eventually, she reached Sharn, where she settled.

She lived on the streets in the worst parts of Lower Dura, begging when she could, stealing when she was forced to. At first, it was just food, an apple, a heel of bread, what she needed to survive. When she became good at stealing and the game grew easy, she began to take what she didn’t need; new clothes, books, and in particular, jewellery.

Eventually, Reina’s appetites grew larger. She began more daring heists, sometimes stealing purely for the thrill of stealing. At one point, when she set out to rob a ship at dock, she encountered the Halfling swashbuckler Dale Hornsbuckle, who was planning to steal the same cargo. Reina reluctantly agreed to work with the Halfling, but partway through the job, Dale’s showboating and risk-taking alerted the crew. Furious, Reina fled, and vowed never to work with the man again.

One day, Reina stole a golden dragon statue from a House Tharashk enclave. Fleeing the Watch, she bumped into a young half-elf, and, thinking on her feet, asked him to hold the statue for her. He obliged, and she leaped from the tower, using a ring of feather fall to escape.

Sometime later, Reina bumped into the half-elf, Lius d’Lyrandar, again. When he told her that he had been arrested because of her, she felt some remorse. With an upcoming job that required two people, Reina offered him half the pay if he would help her. Lius agreed, and the two pulled of a successful robbery. Impressed with the young beguiler’s skill, Reina offered to work with him again, and for a while, the two stole from several of Sharn’s wealthier residents.

Reina disappeared for a while, but eventually, she tracked Lius down, and the two have been firm friends ever since. They now live together in an apartment in Broken Arch, and Reina has even agreed to pose as Lius’ girlfriend for the benefit of his overbearing family.

Reina Moonblossom

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