Sergeant Daveth Portos

"Stop right there you little shits"


Daveth Portos is a Sergeant of the SHarn City watch based in the Daggerwatch garrison. An old friend of Captain Nate Empattin he served alongside him in the war and more recently, in the city watch.

A gruff and almost tactless man, he seems to have a policy of convict first, ask questions later and always seems to be around when valuables go “missing” from suspects. Despite this, he seems to be a competent Watch Sergeant and has the respect of his detail.


(You’d think with all the gold he ‘confiscates’ he’d be able to afford a bar of soap. – Lius)
(As if I didn’t have enough reason to hate the watch… I hope I never see this repugnant piece of human filth again. – Reina)

Sergeant Daveth Portos

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