The Golden Dragon

The largest airship in Khorvaire


The golden Dragon is a luxury airship offering tours of the continent, all of the services and cabins are of the finest quality and the ship itself exudes an aura of luxury. The figurehead is the head of the eponymous gold dragon and the golden scale and claw motif carries on across most of the hull.

The ship itself is colossal and requires two elemental rings, one to stay airborne and the other for propulsion. commissioned during the last war as a warship, various setbacks and delays meant that it never saw active duty and was instead refitted for passengers. Hints of its history can be seen in the fore mounted ballistae and reinforced hull. The ship is so large that it cannot fit within the standard U shaped airship dock and must either dock on the outside or pull up perpendicular to the dock’s end.

Services inside the ship include a Casino, spa, observation deck, top-class restaurant and several luxury suites. The ship’s brig has been refitted as a vault for passengers belongings and access, along with most other functions are all managed from the control deck of the ship.


The Golden Dragon

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