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  • Broken Arch

    Early in the history of Sharn, Barchan’s Arch was one of the finest residential districts in the city. Barchan ir’Tyran, a powerful nobleman, along with Hestian ir’Tain, helped shape the City of Towers. Then, during the reign of King Galifar the Dark, the …

  • Bazaar

    The crowd and noise of this district are overwhelming. In addition to the shops and stalls, the streets are full of people offering questionable goods and deals; it seems like everyone has something to sell. The Watch maintains a strong presence in the …

  • Oakbridge

    Oakbridge is a quiet and well looked-after district in Middle Northedge, most of the houses here are well made, spacious and bright and about as nice as average townhouses can be. Inhabitants of the district are generally open, friendly and welcoming.

  • Kenton

    Kenton is an unremarkable district comprised almost entirely of housing. Apartments, tenements and townhouses line the streets, inhabitants must head elsewhere for goods and services. The district has a high population of Shifters.