House Rules

Rules are standard 3.5 with the following adjustments:

Combat maneuvers.
The combat maneuver system from pathfinder is being implemented

All creatures have a combat maneuver bonus (CMB) and combat maneuver defense (CMD) these are used for resolving any kind of combat action that isn’t an attack, this includes Bull Rush, Dirty Tricks, Disarming, Dragging, Grappling, Overrunning, Stealing, Tripping and anything else that isn’t an attack or movement.

CMB = base attack bonus + Str modifier + special size modifier

CMD = 10 + base attack bonus + Str modifier + Dex modifier + special size modifier

Bonuses and penalties for size modifiers in combat manoeuvres have been adjusted from 3.5/pf, the new values are:
Fine –16,
Diminutive –8,
Tiny –4,
Small –2,
Medium +0,
Large +2,
Huge +4,
Gargantuan +8,
Colossal +16.

This means that size has less of an effect in combat for small-medium-large creatures while remaining relevant for excessively large/small monsters.

This is being implemented to allow more dynamic actions in combat without worrying about rules, grapples, disarms, pushing, shoving, shin-kicking, throat punching and anything else that isn’t an attack to do damage will now all hopefully be viable combat options

The downtime activity rules are being implemented from the Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign guide

This will give characters something to do and work towards while not adventuring and means that downtime can provide an advantage for all characters, not just those with a crafting feat or specific agenda.

Move actions are being unified and can be divided up as desired; If you take two move actions in a round then any movement taken can be divided as you want, examples assuming a standard 30’ movement;

Double move up to 60’

you can move 15’ to a door, open it and then use your remaining 15’ of movement to carry on through,

Move 10’ to a dropped object, pick it up and then move another 20’

move 20’ through an open door, close it, and then move 10’ to hide behind a box.

This doesn’t change any existing rules regarding 5’ steps, attacks of opportunity or anything else related to movement, this only applies if it is a move action being performed, a standard action of any kind will preclude any remaining movement from being taken.

This is to make movement in combat more dynamic and to encourage movement around the battlefield

Feats are now gained at every odd level.

Certain pathfinder feats will be allowed on a case by case basis, mostly ones that deal with Combat manoeuvres and the new skill system

This is due to the design philosophy of 3.5 changing from feats as power increases to feats as character options, it is also due in part to the possible level cap

Skills will be as per the pathfinder skill system:

New skill- Fly, this is used for any kind of aerial manoeuvrability, controlling skycabs, airships and soarsleds. You cannot take this skill without some kind of mundane or magical ability to fly or an appropriate feat.

Balance, Jump and tumble have been combined into Acrobatics
Gather information has been combined with Diplomacy
Open lock has been combined into Disable Device
Decipher Script and Forgery have been combined into Linguistics
Listen, Search and Spot have been combined into Perception
Hide and Move Silently have been combined into Stealth

Concentration is now a check for spellcasters, d20+caster level+primary casting stat
Use rope has been removed.

This is to streamline the use of skills to allow a greater choice of skills and make them less restricted to the class choice and more towards the actual character

Learning of languages has been revised as follows:

Complete mastery of an entirely new language requires three skill points:
1st skill point is for understanding of alphabet and limited ability to read/write the language (DC 10 linguistics to read/write a sentence), very poor speaking/listening skills (DC20 linguistics to understand)

Second skill point for understanding of written/ writing the language and moderate grasp of the spoken/heard language (DC 10 Linguistics check)

Third skill point for complete fluency in language.

Certain languages may be restricted to certain races or creature types due to inability to hear certain tones or pronounce certain words, this is usually only the case for speaking languages that are non-humanoid in origin such as Draconic for non dragons or kobolds and Gnoll for non-gnolls.

Due to their racial shapechanging abilities Changelings have no restrictions on spoken languages and only require 2 spent skill points to master a language.

this is to make buying into languages more difficult to increase the impact of language barriers.

Critical hits and Sneak attacks

Sneak attacks and critical hits apply on most creatures with a discernible anatomy, it has been expanded from the 3.5 rules to include corporeal undead and constructs, the following types are still immune to sneak attack and critical hits: Plants, Oozes, Incorporeal (subtype) Swarm (subtype).

this is to allow rogues and other sneak attacking classes to not be completely neutered against two fairly common creature types

Whenever a Critical Threat is scored with a one or two handed melee weapon whether confirmed or not, the attacker has the option to move their target 5’ in the direction of their choice (this movement does not provoke attacks or opportunity or count against any movement in the targets round). This effect applies to all creatures of of the attackers size or smaller, wielding a weapon in two hands allows it to effect creatures of up to one size larger than the attacker. This does not effect creatures with the swarm or incorporeal subtype.

this is to make combat less static and to allow greater battlefield control and to allow a small bonus on a critical threat that isn’t confirmed

Spells and Magic

Spells of the (healing) subschool are now universally in the Necromancy school, Necromancy regards the manipulation of positive and negative energy and is not exclusively evil. Any effects that would read Conjuration (healing) now should read as Necromancy (healing)

The Orb of X line of spells are evocation spells not Conjuration

This is really just a sanity check because conjuration has too many nice things, and conjuring healing power and conjuring non-magical orbs of magical force is just a step too far.

House Rules

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