Nikau's Documents

A map of the Bazaar Several locations are ringed in red ink, they seem to correspond to the locations of the stalls and shops Nikau showed to the group.

A flyer for the White Suns casino something is written on the back, : Irian remote, 20th Olarune 995, CCW, and a crudely drawn map of a building.

A note, hastily scrawled in Goblin translated by Dale: [Caine spire, Apt B13 look for the trapdoor under the rug to get into Fallen.

A list of 6 names:
Mickel Hornsharp
Den Huntsen
Bikke Wilde
Shinne Sahrren
Sarruk Altus
Porri Uldra

A list of Kundarak account numbers and names:

Torrin ir’sorell – 19-890-44
Jolorn- 19-1179-45
Jost- 45-89976-987

A list of notes and information about the party:

Edrik~ magics illusions and enchantments, downed by the ogre so maybe a bit weedy but his magic could be useful in a fight among over things
(several of Lius’ spells are listed along with markings MG and T)

Mya~, sneak, thief, attachment to Edrik, lovers or siblings? T

Ina~ good with a bow, doesn’t say much, not sure what her deal is. T

Dale Hornsbuckle~ talks too much but could be useful. T

An unfinished letter to someone named Jolorn witten in Halfling.


With greatest respect I ask that you put someone else in charge of the Hareth’s Folly organisations, not only is Jost a dangerous madman he is also doing things that reflect badly on the clan. I have proof that not only has he been skimming profits from several businesses in his district Talmuk found out about it and was killed by Jost. I will The letter remains unfinished

A list of names:

Big Biter
Stinks + Icks

A list of times and dates and a name

Simmon Porris, 500G

9.30 AM Mol 23rd Therendor

6.15 PM Zol 24th

9.30 AM Wir 25th

6.15PM Zor 26th (this date is circled)

9.30 AM Far 27th

Nikau's Documents

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