The year is YK998, the last war has been officially over for the last two years and most of Khorvaire rebuilds. But in the city of Sharn the city of towers, the city of daggers… it’s business as usual.

After the globetrotting of the last campaign I wanted to try running a more grounded scenario, to try and build up the detail of the city of Sharn and make it feel like a living, breathing city and more importantly, a home.

The characters are all skilled residents of Sharn, no noble crusaders, all-knowing archmages or questing warriors, just people trying to get by however they can.

Sharn provides the perfect backdrop to this, the city is as diverse as it is tall, from the opulent heights of the skyway to the dark dangerous warrens of the undercity, the variety presented ensures that the city will never feel stale and with millions of residents, the stories are potentially endless.


City of Daggers SuperMonkeyJoe