Sharn City Watch

Sharn City Watch is the government organisation charged with keeping the law inside the city of Sharn.

The city watch is overseen by the Lord Commander who, along with the rest of the watch administration, operates out of the Citadel in Ambassador Towers, Central Plateau.

Under the Lord commander are four other Watch Commanders, operating from Daggerwatch, warden Towers, Sword Point and Black Arch.

Each Commander oversees several Captains, each of whom has a number of Sergeants reporting to them, a Sergeant commands a detail or between 5 and a dozen Guards.

Guard Patrols usually consist of a pair of guards, or a Sergeant and four Guards where needed.

Although the city watch is predominantly Human there are a number of Dwarf, half-elf and Halfling members, representatives of most races can be found in smaller numbers and they usually have greater dealings with members of there own race.

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Sharn City Watch

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