Shifter. Archer. Orphan.


Name : Ina (no surname)
Age : 20
Race : Shifter (actually a half shifter, but doesn’t know this – mother was a shifter, father was human)
Class : Urban Ranger

Backstory – Daughter of a human/shifter relationship, Ina’s parents abandoned her in the slums of Sharn at birth, hoping she would die without their involvement. Instead she miraculously survived before being taken in by a community of slum dwellers. It is these people who taught her how to survive the streets. Early on in life she took a keen interest in archery, dedicating most of her days to perfecting the art and amusing her adoptive family with various tricks and feats of skill. Ina doesn’t care about her parents and feels nothing for what they did abandoning her. Whilst she feels no anger and she has come to terms with it, but never wishes to seek them out.

Knows : Lius. The two ‘met’ when Ina attempted to mug Lius one time he was visiting the slums searching for Reina. The two engaged in lengthy conversation. Ina did not return the stolen money. Lius didn’t seem to notice.. or did he?

Traits/Flaws: Farsighted – due to her time spent practicing her archery, her eyesight at closer range has been affected

Illiterate – Ina is completely incapable of reading or writing having never been taught.

Goals :
Long term – Improve the living quality in the slums for everyone / Become the ‘number 1’ archer in Khorvaire.

Medium Term – Hunt down and obtain the finest bow ever crafted

Short term – Improve archery skills

1 – Be selfless
2 – Hunt out those who wish harm upon Sharn and it’s inhabitants and stop them.
3 – Prove oneself to be worthy of life


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