Architecture of Sharn

The architecture of Sharn is a reflection of its history which is layered upon itself like rock strata.

One thing that nearly all areas have in common is that they are all sized for medium creatures (with a couple of districts being the exception) and the city is uniformly made of stone, although they type and style can differ.

Buildings most often have wooden doors and glass windows, some more upscale buildings have hinged panes that open and close but simpler residences have fixed panes.

Lighting varies on the level, lower Sharn gets very little natural sunlight and buildings and streets are most often lit by torches or lanterns. the Middle districts vary, some a re lit by magical means but the majority of homes, businesses and streets are lantern lit. In upper Sharn the lighting is almost exclusively magical, through continual flame or light spells or other magical means.

Sewerage and fresh water again depend on the area of Sharn, lower class districts make do with runoff from the higher levels and the occasional communal wells, sewerage is disposed of directly into gutters or in public outhouses, hygiene is taken care of at public bathhouses. Blocks of Middle class houses usually have a shared facility to access clean running water and shared outhouses and usually have a bath, although that must be heated separately. Most upper-class residences and businesses are linked up with running water and flushing lavatories, truly opulent residences have both hot and cold running water. Waste water is flushed down through the sewers where it eventually makes its way to the Dagger river or the ocean.

Architecture of Sharn

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