Fallen is the worst district in a bad ward. A century ago, it was known as Godsgate, Sharn’s first temple district. But as the city grew, the primary temples relocated to the higher wards, and the most important relics were taken to Sovereign Towers. Some of the temples remained in service, but most were converted to serve as housing for workers in the Cogs. For hundreds of years the district slowly decayed. The final blow came on 9 Olarune 918 YK. The Glass Tower broke apart as it fell, and while most of the floating citadel landed in the Dagger River, some of its spires struck the district of Godsgate, shattering buildings and killing hundreds.

The city council had no intention of pouring gold into Lower Dura, and people of the district were left to repair the damage as best as they could. Many left, but some of the people were determined to remain in their ancestral homes or maintain their family businesses. Others couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. The folk of Lower Dura also talk about that the spirits of the restless dead that haunt the worst ruins of the district, and the mysterious and apparently mad “ravers” who commune with them. Within a year, the district became known as Fallen, and ever since then the citizens of Sharn have shunned it.

The extent of the devastation varies considerably. In much of the district the original buildings remain largely intact; any gaps in walls and ceilings have been blocked off with boards or chunks of stone but where the spires of the falling Glass Tower crashed into the district, the buildings are shattered and broken, and segments of the Glass Tower jut from crushed temples and manors. . A few businesses can still be found in these areas — taverns serving stew of questionable origin, crafters producing rough clothing and other necessities, merchants selling scavenged goods and materials. While the merchants of Fallen happily take any coins offered them, most are used to bartering with customers.

Recently Fallen has undergone drastic changes. The goblinoid immigrants have made major renovations to the district, levelling many of the old structures and using the materials to construct new buildings


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