Population of Sharn

Sharn is inhabited by hundreds of thousands of beings, plus countless diplomats, workers, visitors and transients not included on official censuses. While most of the citizens are fully integrated into the city, around 10% of each race lives in a strongly ethnic district such as Den’iyas for the gnomes or Shae Lias for the elves

The most numerous race in Sharn are the Humans, accounting for nearly a third of the population, less numerous bus still prevalent are the Dwarves, accounting for nearly 15% of the population and halflings who make up around 10%.

With almost as many residents as the halflings are the combined goblinoid races, Hobgoblins, Goblins and Bugbears, which account for nearly 10% of the population, whereas humans halflings and dwarves can be found throughout the city, the goblinoids are almost exclusively found in lower Dura and the depths.

Less numerous than the goblinoids are the gnomes, around 8% of the population shortly followed by the elves at 6% and half-elves at just under 5%.

Shifters make up around 4% of the population but tend to live in a few close-knit communities. Fewer still are the changelings, but quite where they live, no-one knows. Orcs and half-orcs have a small but notable presence and are usually found wherever house Tharashk has a presence.

A few thousand warforged call the city home and can be found at work throughout the city. The remaining population consists of a mix of all kinds of beings, either individuals who have made their way to the city or small groups that have immigrated, Daask have brought in a large number of monstrous humanoids such as gnolls, harpies and ogres but many others have taken to city life independently from the Gargoyle couriers of house Vadalis to small tribes of kobolds roaming the undercity.

Population of Sharn

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