Mol 9th- Crystallfall

Wir 11th- Lius and Reina chance upon Dale Hornsbuckle, after a minor altercation they are offered a job by Shade the Fixer who later approaches Ina with the same offer

Zor 12th- The group prepares for the heist, buying new clothes and scouting out the skyway, after gathering intel they decide to carry out the heist late at night.

Far 13th- in the early hours of the morning Reina and Dale enter the restaurant while Lius and Ina stand watch, shortly after an antimagic bomb is detonated, sending the restaurant tumbling. Ina leaps down and she Dale and Reina manage to escape, lius evades the watch and they all head home. Later that day watch patrols are sent to apprehend them all and they are arrested.

They meet with Captain Nate Empattin who informs them that they have two days to find the person that set them up for causing the restaurant to fall of they will likely hang. the party head back to Lius and Reina’s to rest.

Sul 14th- The party splits up to look for information, Dale and Lius head to speak to Viv and then to Morgrave university to research undead, Reina and Ina head to the Clifftop Adventurers guild and then to the Necropolis, they both rendezvous in Fallen and investigate House Tarkanen, after a brief fight they are given the name of an aberrant marked individual named Grant who can create undead.

Sol 15th-

Mol 16th- Dale and Reina rest up at house Jorasco enclaves, Lius works for Viv

Zol 17th- The party do some errands for Viv, dale comforts her firend while the rest renew a subscription at the Korranberg Chronicle, they overhear a woman describing her uncle Danny rising as a zombie and investigate.

Wir 18th-

Zor 19th-

Far 20th- Day of Mourning, Lius sees Findle about some work

Sul 21st- Lius and Reina head to Silveredge to steal an item from a shop, Dale heads to Twelve Pillars to get information on what a particular craftsman is working on. Ina returns to Fallen to find the district barricaded by the watch due to an outbreak of the undead.

Sol 22nd- The party investigate the goings on in fallen, they find Captain Nate who seems keen to find Grant but cannot risk any men. The Party venture into the district regardless. They make it back out but Lius is revealed to be infected.

Mol 23rd- Lius recuperates while the rest of the party wait.

Zol 24th- Lius is given a clean bill of health and the party return home

Wir 25th- Lius works for Viv, Reina delivers the items to Findle and Ina finds Falllen under Goblinoid control.

Zor 26th- Ina and Reina investigate the goblinoid controlled Fallen

Far 27th- Lius looks into ships to steal from, he is offered a tour of the Golden Dragon, investigates Lyrandar ship schedules

Sul 28th – Lius takes the party with him on a tour of the Golden Dragon, the party look into ships and eventually settle on robbing the Bountiful Maiden


Sol 1st- Lius and Reina visit Lius’ parents.

Mol 2nd- The party visit the Bazaar to find that Daask has been shaking down stall owners and have ransacked Viv’s shop, after a brief battle with the Daask where Ina and Dale were injured they chase the remaining Daask out of the district.

Zol 3rd- Lius pays the rent, does some shopping

Wir 4th- The party discuss joining the Boromar

Zor 5th- Party patrol for Boromar

Far 6th- " "

Sul 7th – The party are tasked by Nikau to take out an ogre, they succeed but Lius is badly injured

Sol 8th- Patrol

Mol 9th- Patrol, party gets paid by Nikau

Zol 10th- Nikau informs the party that the Tyrants aren’t paying protection money anymore

Wir 11th- Nikau finds the Hareth’s folly gang encroaching on their turf, the party visit the gilded rose, a gambling den, and convince the owner to pay Nikau rather than Jost

Zor 12th- the party patrol the Bazaar

Far 13th-

Sul 14th-

Sol 15th- Sun’s blessing festival

Mol 16th- Nikau goes missing

Zol 17th- Nikau turns up dead, Dollface advises the PCs to grab what they can and get out.

Wir 18th- The party does some investigating into Nikau’s notes.

Zor 19th- The party descends into Fallen to investigate the Goblinoids there. After freeing some slaves and being chased into the district they are captured and imprisoned.

The party descend into the depths of the undercity, after travelling to the basecamp, navigating the ruins, a kobold tribe and a force of animated Hobgoblin dead, the party retrieve Shaarat’a, meet up with the hobgoblin Yon’urz and return to the surface with the aid of some mushroom-folk.

Zol 24th- The party awaken in High Walls district. after getting their bearings they head back home to rest

Wir 25th- The Party check out the Bazaar and follow one of he leads left by Nikau, eventually tracking Simmon Porris down to the Terminus district where he oversees cargo movement via the lightning rail

Zor 26th- the party check out the trade routes and declare it a bust, then report the sword to the proper authorities and end up arranging a sting operation with the King’s Citadel

Far 27th- The party attract the attention of the goblinoids and arrange the sting for the following day

Sul 28th- The party defeat Zho’urz who is replaced by his brother yon’urz to draw out Cho’zai


Sol 1st- The party defeat Cho’zai and his retinue and recieve a hefty sum in recompense. Dale and Reina split the gold between them with Reina and Lius forgoing a reward

Mol 2nd- Dale and Reina deposit their money in a bank and they go househunting

Zol 3rd- Dale buys a house and some funiture and moves in

Wir 4th- Reina buys a house and she, Lius and Reina move in

zor 5th- dale makes house, ina does sport, lius gets a job and Reina does revenge on Brian

Far 6th- Ina does sports, lius and Reina watch. Reina, ina and dale go shopping for clothes and lius goes to the library

Sul 7th- dale returns home to find a murder has been committed in his home

Sol 8th- Dale turns himself into the watch.

Mol 9th- dale is released from jail

Zol 10th- dale hires people to investigate

Wir 11th-Lius works as a TA, Ina does sports

Zor 12th- Dale finds out Raggot is in Malleon’s gate, lius teaches


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