Vivien's Volumes

Vivien’s Volumes is the bookshop owned by Vivien Vassilia Varadar where Lius occasionally works. The sign outside reading “BOOKS SOLD HERE” was installed when Viv discovered the average Bazaar patron didn’t understand that Volumes referred to books.

The small shop makes use of every available space to store the vast quantities of books that the shop has accumulated over the years from various sources. A smattering of nearly every subject and genre can be found if one knows where to look.

(Researching a subject in Viv’s shop give a +2 bonus on a single knowledge check, provided Viv doesn’t mind you browsing)

(Hey, now.. “occasionally”?? I do good work there, I’ll have you know! … and I am glad Viv got that sign, she gets much more business now. – Lius)

Vivien's Volumes

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