The architecture is sturdy, functional stone, though the scale is slightly too small for most humans. While there is luxury to be found here, the citizens of Holdfast put work before play.

When King Galifar I bought the services of the dwarven workers of the mror holds to rebuild the city of Sharn they came with their families and though the districts they built for the king reflected the styles and needs of humans at the time, the district they built for themselves was unabashedly dwarven.

The buildings of the district are all built with dwarven sensibilities in mind, the structures are sturdy and long-lasting and especially defensible with low ceilings and wide doorways. The bars here serve stout dwarven ales and strong spirits.

Highhold is mostly inhabited by dwarves but also contains a sizable gnomish population thanks mainly to the strong ties between House Sivis and House Kundarak, the district contains the oldest bank in Sharn and one of the first Sivis message stations


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